''With a drop of my sweatheart's blood, Shed in the defense of the motherland, Will i put a beauty spot on my forhead, Such as would put to shame the rose in a garden''

2:36 AM


Posted by Arif Jan Khan Umerzai


prayer by a misfortunate pukhtun said...

i love you baba, and i will always do. i have you in my prayers and will always do, i pray for prosperity of those who are working in your great cause and i pray for equality when i see people misusing your name, may these people realise that you did strive but for a noble cause, may you have honest followers and not those who use your name to their pity interests as your elder son does, all he has is your name, i wish he had that brain, that courage, that vision, atleast one of all the good qualities you had...and i swear you are not that misfortunate to have such a son, coming into the lime light but us your believers who have nowhere to go.

umerzai khan said...

brother thanx 4 ur coment but ths site is hacked plz visit